Dear Visitor!

Thank you for your interest. We offer reservation in two ways:

1. Obligatory Booking

The reserved accommodation for the agreed price, address, category and level are provided. This way of booking season, and we recommend a period when only a few rooms for free.

In your advance payment, which amounted to the season and depends on the number of rooms reserved: the price of accommodation ranging 15-65%, but at least the first night of the full fee includes.

Refund in case of cancellation:

This reservation is mandatory 8 (6 person team over night) days prior to arrival so it can be said that the advances of the transfer cost of the amount remaining after deduction of 50% of the remit.

Resignations accepted only in writing! (Email, Fax)
Our guests have to pay an advance in the following manner:

  • bank transfer to our bank account

HUF account: 11773391-01100024 (IBAN: HU33 1177 3391 0110 0024 0000 0000)
Euro account number: 11775056–40345886 (IBAN: HU87 1177 5056 4034 5886 0000 0000)
Name: Zoltan Toth
Address: H-1135 Budapest, Jasz u. 44. 5/6.
Transfer Notice: Servita, contact name and date of the accommodation
Account with Bank:
Name: OTP
Address: H-1051 Budapest, Nador utca 16.

  • hand to hand: cash at the location of the apartment  after seeing or
  • by the mediator


2. Reservations without any obligation

Make every effort ourselves to be within the capacity of the reserved accommodation for the ordered categories and prices as a result.

The customer shall be communicated by e-mail, phone, fax may be booking a number of requested apartment / room number, category, and possibly the arrival of the departure date, arrival date and the anticipated use of the means of transport. Confirmation within a day.

For reservations without obligation to occupy the accommodation, to ensure neither the guest nor the provider assumes no obligation, so in case of interest in the property will be released, about which we will send a notification!